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SMCC Stevenage Ethos

SMCC Ethos

What is our moral philosophy?

SMCC is committed to providing key services which are not otherwise available to the community. Its ethos is based on promoting harmony and community cohesion by encouraging interaction with members of the community to cultivate harmony between all faiths. The charity is entwined within the religious, cultural and social fabric of the Muslim and local community in East and North Hertfordshire. It discourages focus on ideology which may lead to discord and disharmony in the community. The organisation aspires to the set of values based on the true principles of Islam as the religion of peace.

The charity provides a platform for the Muslim community and delivers services including Islamic education for children, classes for learning the Holy Qur'an and Arabic, facilities for Islamic marriage services and funeral arrangements. The charity is key for the Muslim community to celebrate religious events / festivals and provides advocacy and advisory services. It organises discussions, lectures on diverse topics and has facilities for school visits. The charity works on improving racial harmony and initiatives to support frail and vulnerable people in the community. Relief of poverty is part of the organisation’s basic principles. The facilities and services for SMCC are provided from charitable donations by the community under the leadership of the trustees and the Imam. There is no other organisation in East and North Hertfordshire which provides such services.

SMCC has a unique ethos based on the principles of respect and inclusivity for all. It has developed an environment which promotes tolerance and respect as the core value of the organisation. An atmosphere of trust and deference encourages people from all walks of life to become part of the organisation and make a difference in society. Men and women from over thirty nationalities and different Islamic sects benefit from the services provided by the charity. This is a unique example of cohesion and brotherhood in Hertfordshire. SMCC has become an oasis where people from diverse cultural backgrounds, speaking over forty different languages, pray together and jointly contribute to the common good of society.